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  • Best Places to Travel With Baby

    Do you love traveling and exploring different places on the planet with your partner? But now you have a baby and you don’t know where to go and how do you know that the place is suitable for newborns? There’s nothing more precious than bringing a newborn child into the world, but sometimes those little […]

  • Baby Names Based on Zodiac Sign – Leo

    Picking a name you think will suit your baby-to-be is hard. Technically, you spend every moment together during pregnancy, but your child will have a whole personality you’ve yet to discover. Of course, you won’t know your baby’s date of birth until she/he actually born, and it’s certainly not unusual for a new arrival to make a surprise early entrance — or keep the world waiting. Plus, your baby […]

  • Tips on Road Trip With a Baby

    At the beginning, everything is challenge. Getting your newborn into a car seat for that first doctor’s appointment takes forever. Over time, it gets easier. But traveling with a newborn baby? Suddenly, a road trip with a baby comes up and it presents a whole new set of challenges: How will I breastfeed on the […]

  • What Food To Try Baby and When

    With the first tooth, usually sprouting around the 6th month of the baby’s age, usually comes not only joy but also worry. Many children like to try their first teeth – for example by biting toys or carrots are great too. Around the ninth/tenth month of the baby’s age, more teeth will be growth, nature […]

  • Dětská Chůvička v Apple Watch

    Přemýšlela si někdy na tím, jak odejít z pokoje, kde ti spinká miminko a nevracet se každou sekundu, udělat si kafčo a hodit nohy nahoru, bez výčitek? Pokud si chceš udělat kávu nebo čaj, nebo dokonce jídlo, mám pro tebe řešení! Hlasová chůvička je jedním z řešení, ale vidět ten malý zázrak je mnohem uklidňující […]

  • Travel With a Baby – When Can You Start and What Not To Forget?

    Don’t know when it’s possible to travel with a baby? Or what to pack in a backpack so nothing is missing later? We have written down it for you – How to prepare for the trip. When you can start travel with a baby. What to pack for the baby. And which common mistakes you should pay attention to. […]

  • How To Be a Good Babysitter

    Being a nanny is one of the most responsible jobs ever. Babysitters are in charge of what is most precious to each parent – their children. Caring for children aged 0 to 6 is a very demanding job that requires constant concentration to provide quality home care. That is why we would like to offer […]