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  • Toys for the little ones (For 3-Month and Older Babies)

    The best toy for the youngest babies is his mother. Also, do not forget that babies do not yet have fully developed eyesight, and therefore it is necessary to choose suitable toys that properly stimulate eyesight and other senses – toys that help with development. Babies may not understand a lot of things, but they […]

  • Moms and Free Time, Part 2

    Hey there! Wondering how to spend your “free” time? In our new article, we have prepared more tips for you. It’s not easy being a mother. Annie Baby Monitor can look after your sleeping child and you can be creative, play videogame or sleep. The choice is yours. Remember, taking care of yourself is part […]

  • How To Punish a Child – According To Age

    Some house arrest, ban on television indefinitely, maybe disconnection from home wi-fi. These are punishments used by every parent. Is it really a proven method for generations, or can it be done differently and better? What should child punishment look like, and why should we not beat children? Punishments do not work Punishments are usually […]

  • 30 Ideas of EASTER Activities

    There is a ton of different activities you can do with your toddler during Easter. We have made a list of 30 Easter activities we believe both you and your child will love. Some of these are super easy and some are better done together – coloring, hand-crafting, baking or other easter games. Which one of these […]

  • Moms and Free Time, Part 1

    Free time. For some mothers, free time is an unknown concept. With the arrival of a little one into the world, a woman’s whole world changes. What used to be a matter of course is now a rarity. However, creating a new “routine” even after childbirth is very important. Over time, you will see what […]

  • Baby’s Development – 3rd Month

    The period of the first year of life is called the infancy. At this time, the baby develops rapidly. Already in the third month of life, individual differences between children in behavior, experience and also in the overall development trend are visible. << Back to 2nd Month Go to 4th Month >> The experience that […]

  • How To Punish a Child

    As kids grow and change, so does their behaviour. The child who doesn’t throw tantrums at two may sass you at seven, and give you major attitude at 12. The best way to understand your children’s behaviour is to understand what they’re going through developmentally. This knowledge will help you with disciplining children without resorting to […]