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  • How to Protect Kids from the Sun

    The sun is essential for our body but can also be dangerous. The sun’s rays supply the body with Vitamin D, which is essential for immunity, bone development, and psychological health. Nevertheless, much of everything is very bad for you, and too much sun exposure can permanently damage your skin and cause significant health problems. […]

  • Best Tips on How to Conceive a Baby Boy

    Do you wish to have a family and have your heart set on having a baby boy? While it may seem strange to confess you have a preference for your unborn child’s sex, it’s perfectly OK to reveal your fantasies. We’re not going to tell anyone about your secret! You may have heard tales about […]

  • Are You a Mom or Dad Influencer? Let’s Collaborate With Annie Baby Monitor

    Did you know that Annie Baby Monitor is cooperating with many influencers? We have Annie Ambassadors worldwide – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the UK, the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Latin America, etc. You might see cooperation outputs on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or influencers’ blogs. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Do you have a […]

  • Father Role: 10 Tips for Being the Best Dad

    Parenting is not all fun and games, it can bring anger, irritation, frustration, and a sense of futility… But it has to be said that not only you but sometimes also your partner or friends feel the same way. Do you want to be a great dad and avoid feeling hopeless? Try our tips for […]

  • Baby Monitor DIY Phone Stand

    There is no need to spend your money on a phone stand when you can make one using nothing but easily accessible materials such as toilet paper roll, paper clips, cardboard, or even ordinary paper? Here are 3 step-by-step tutorials to make your own phone stand. Follow our DIY tutorials on how to make a […]

  • Wanna Baby Girl? Best Tips on How to Conceive A Girl

    Do you want a baby girl? Do you already have one or more boys and want to see whether you can balance the genders in your home? There are many beliefs and claims regarding how to influence whether you have a boy or a girl baby, but the scientific facts are unmistakable. For each pregnancy, the […]

  • 5+ Tips on How to Make Phone Holder for Baby Monitoring

    Annie Baby Monitor is an excellent app for babysitting. Easy-to-use, budget-friendly and reliable. To up your babysitting game, get a phone holder or stand. The view of your baby will be magnificent. Have you heard of 3D models? If not, let us introduce them to you.   What Are 3D Models? Things are represented in 3D […]