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  • 5+ Tips on How to Make Phone Holder for Baby Monitoring

    Annie Baby Monitor is an excellent app for babysitting. Easy-to-use, budget-friendly and reliable. To up your babysitting game, get a phone holder or stand. The view of your baby will be magnificent. Have you heard of 3D models? If not, let us introduce them to you.   What Are 3D Models? Things are represented in 3D […]

  • Dad and Baby Activities: 7 Tips How to Have Fun Together

    Dad, are you going to spend a few hours or your whole day with your child just in two? We have prepared special tips for you on how to enjoy your time together. For the Smallest (0 – 3 M) Don’t be fooled by the baby not responding to everything yet. He/she is just getting […]

  • How to Raise a Successful Child as a Single Parent

    A single parent can be a woman or a man. According to the Statista Research Department, about 3.27 million children live with a single father, and about 15.31 million children live with a single mother in the US. At each stage of growing up and raising a child, a parent can face new difficulties. For […]

  • Baby’s Development – 12th Month

    << Back to 11th Month The child’s first year is approaching. A child approaching his first year is no longer considered a defenseless creature who cannot do anything. The exact opposite is true. As you probably know, this little creature is capable of almost anything. He explores everything, discovers everything, likes to make a mess, […]

  • 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: What Mother Really Wants

    Moms are indispensable in our lives. Show her how important she is to you and give her something nice for Mothers’ Day. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May. Thank her for the care, love, patience, support, and, in short, everything she did and does for you. You can give […]

  • The Ultimate Guide For Dads: How to Put a Baby to Sleep

    It’s here, the moment when the mother leaves the nest, and after a long time, she goes out into the company. Every new dad’s nightmare – babysitting is up to him. But no mother leaves her partner at the mercy of ignorance. Your wife will likely leave you a guide on how, when, and where […]

  • Best Baby Monitor App

    A variety of baby monitor apps are available on the market, but they differ mainly in their features. Let us guide you through the options of baby monitor apps and tell you what to focus your attention on when making a purchase.  For easier selection, we have prepared short reviews of the best baby monitor […]