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  • 20 Cutest EASTER Colouring Pages Printable

      Are you stuck at home with your kids in quarantine? We know you love your children more than anything else in the world. But for a parent trying to work from home, their constantly high levels of energy might be slightly exhausting. What’s more, Easter is approaching. And even though the festivities will be… více

  • Coronavirus in Babies: How to Protect Your Child Right Now

      The coronavirus is spreading across the world like wildfire. More people are getting sick every day. And the frightening news isn’t helping our immune system either. It is understandable that parents’ first concern would be to protect their child. And we will show you exactly how to do that.   Disclaimer: All the advice… více

  • Breastfed Baby Is Gassy. What to Do?

      Is your baby fussy for no obvious reason? Does he pull up his legs and stretch out, arch his back? Then he may be in gas pain. All these symptoms simply point to a gassy tummy. But don’t worry, nearly all children experience some kind of gas pain in the first year of their… více

  • What to Pack: Hospital Bag Must-Haves

    Are you wondering what to bring to the hospital with you? Future mums, listen up!  Do you want to be ready and prepared?  You can pack your bag/suitcase several weeks before your due date. The birth may surprise you sooner than you expect, and then packing in a hurry can be very stressful. The packed… více

  • How to Stop and Prevent Baby Hiccups

      Same as with adult hiccups, babies get their hiccups suddenly and involuntarily. And same as with adults Newborn hiccups are not usually a cause for concern. Most babies have hiccups in their first year. Many of the likely causes relate to feeding. Baby Hiccups Are Not a Serious Issue We all know hiccups can… více

  • How to organise a perfect baby shower

    Are you thinking of throwing “a baby party”? A new phenomenon called BABY SHOWER gets more and more popular among future mums. It is a celebration for a mum-to-be and her unborn child. The mum is “showered” with the presents and games are played. It can get very emotional, even tearful, so bring tissues! Here… více

  • 50 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “S”

      Girl names starting with the letter S sound very soft, graceful and almost regal. This list rounds up all those beautiful S names that are rare, unique and uncommon. There are truly elegant names like Seraphina, Salome or Satine. But you can also find more modern sounding names such as September, Sage and Simone…. více