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  • Navigating Parenthood in College: Resources and Support for Student Mothers

    How to Balance Being a Parent and Going to College Becoming a parent is a big change in a person’s life, and for student moms, it can be hard to keep up with schoolwork and take care of their children at the same time. To be a parent and go to college at the same […]

  • Balancing Education and Motherhood: Strategies for Pursuing Your Academic Goals

    Asking for Help During Hard Times Getting help is very important when things are hard. Reach out to people who can help you, like family, friends, or other student moms. Share your worries, fears, and problems with other people and let them offer comfort, advice, and support. Don’t be afraid to get professional help, like […]

  • Higher Education for Young Mothers: Solutions and Tips

    As a young mother, the idea of pursuing higher education can seem daunting. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with the demands of coursework can be a significant challenge. However, pursuing higher education can provide numerous benefits for both you and your child. In this article, we will explore some solutions and tips for young mothers […]

  • Tips For Returning To School While Raising A Family

    When many think about the reality of a college student, they often picture a young person resting in their dorm or rushing to class. In most cases, parents are not the first thing that comes to mind. No doubt, returning to school while raising a family feels challenging. You have to think about your kids […]

  • Can You Feed A Baby In A Car Seat? – Everything You Should Know

    Here is the thing: A child car seat is the first baby product that most babies use immediately after leaving the hospital. It’s so crucial that most hospitals won’t discharge you if you don’t have one. This is because car seats reduce the chances of injury, hospitalization, and death by up to 80% in the […]

  • Battle of the Convertibles: Comparing the Graco Extend2Fit to Chicco NextFit

    As a new parent: Car seats are one of the most important baby accessories you’ll need to buy. So many hospitals won’t even let you leave after birthing until you show that you have one in the car.  Therefore: In this article, I’ll be giving you an insight into two of the most popular convertible […]

  • What Happens If My Baby Drinks Spoiled Breast Milk?

    Sometimes, despite how cautious you are when tending to your baby, accidents will happen, and it can be spine-chilling.  This post is about what will happen if your baby drinks spoiled breast milk. I will go through some of the probable symptoms and what you should do in such a scenario.  Let’s get into it.  […]