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  • Baby Alerts: Sound Detection and Motion Detection

    It’s super important to have a baby monitor that alerts you to sound (cry) and motion detection. Baby alerts ensure your baby’s safety by letting you know if any sound, cry or movement is detected.  You can relax and go about your day without worrying because you’ll be notified if your baby needs attention, even if […]

  • Picture in Picture Baby Monitor: What Is PiP Mode on a Baby Monitor

    What is pip mode on a baby monitor? „Pip mode“ on a baby monitor means Picture-in-Picture mode. With this mode, you can look after your baby while doing other stuff on your phone’s screen.  It’s a handy feature that lets you multitask without losing sight of your baby. How Do I Use Picture in Picture […]

  • Night Vision Baby Monitor: Do baby monitors have night vision?

    Do baby monitors have night vision? Yes, many baby monitors have night vision these days, so you can see your little one in low-light conditions or complete darkness.  Annie Baby Monitor app uses advanced infrared technology and a green filter overlay to capture detailed images of the baby’s surroundings without disturbing the baby’s sleep. Unlike […]

  • Baby Tracker App: Best App For Tracking Baby Feedings And Diapers

    On the hunt for the best app for tracking baby feedings and diapers? Read this! What is the baby tracker app?  The baby tracker app is a parenting tool for keeping tabs on your little one’s activities and development. Baby tracker app involves jotting down important details about your little one, like feeding times, diaper […]

  • Lullabies and White Noise Player: Is white noise good for babies?

    There is no evidence that the use of sound machines or white noise is bad for babies or toddlers. White noise is considered safe for babies when used appropriately. White noise can be a useful helper for the quality of sleep a baby needs.  It helps the baby sleep better and longer. It can mimic […]

  • Audio Activity Chart: How does the audio activity chart in the baby monitor work?

    What kind of information does the audio activity chart provide? An audio activity chart on a baby monitor shows noises during sleep time in your baby’s room. Basically, the chart is a visual representation of the sounds your baby is making during sleep time.  A baby monitor audio activity chart shows real-time noise and noise […]

  • Baby Monitor with Cry Detection: What is the baby cry detection system?

    What is the baby cry detection system? A baby cry detection system is a technology designed to recognize and alert you when a baby is crying.  So basically, special sound analysis algorithms are used to identify when a baby is crying. These algorithms can detect specific cry patterns.  A baby monitor uses a microphone or […]