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  • Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule Suddenly Changed? A Guide to Baby Sleep Regression

    Is your little sleeper who used to be so good at bedtime suddenly waking up in the middle of the night or crying every time you put them down for their regular nap?  This might be a case of sleep regression.  Let’s talk about what sleep regression is, when it usually happens, how long you […]

  • Which Baby Monitors Cannot Be Hacked?

    All internet-connected devices can be hacked, which means some baby monitors are also at risk of being hacked. A baby monitor is a safety device designed to keep infants safe. But now, many hackers can easily break in and do creepy things. So, which baby monitors cannot be hacked? When looking for a baby monitor that cannot be hacked, it’s important to understand […]

  • Understanding the Safety of Baby Monitors: Security Measures and Risks Explained

    When choosing baby monitor, you might start thinking if can baby monitors be hacked. Baby monitors are an indispensable part of a essential gear for the baby, but it should be borne in mind that it brings with it security issues. Figuring out what those risks are and putting strong security measures in place can help lower baby monitor hacking threats.  We’ll dig into some questions, like whether Wi-Fi baby monitors are easier for hackers to get […]

  • Maximizing Baby Monitoring with the Best Baby Monitor Stand of 2024

    With the increasing interest in baby monitor apps, the importance of a baby monitor stand can’t be underestimated. The right phone holder is essential for capturing stable real-time video, detecting movement, or even taking automatic recordings.  However, with the many options available today, choosing the right one can take time and effort.  So, we’ve rounded up a complete […]

  • Baby Milestones By Month (Age 0-12m): Tips to Help and Guide You 

    Delve into what you can expect month-by-month in your baby’s first year. From reflexes that’ll slowly fade as they grow to the skills they’ll acquire to the first steps, we’ve got it all covered. ❗Remember, every baby is unique and develops at their own pace. Some might hit milestones earlier, others later, and that’s perfectly […]

  • Baby Alerts: Sound Detection and Motion Detection

    It’s super important to have a baby monitor that alerts you to sound (cry) and motion detection. Baby alerts ensure your baby’s safety by letting you know if any sound, cry or movement is detected.  You can relax and go about your day without worrying because you’ll be notified if your baby needs attention, even if […]

  • Picture in Picture Baby Monitor: What Is PiP Mode on a Baby Monitor

    What is pip mode on a baby monitor? „Pip mode“ on a baby monitor means Picture-in-Picture mode. With this mode, you can look after your baby while doing other stuff on your phone’s screen.  It’s a handy feature that lets you multitask without losing sight of your baby. How Do I Use Picture in Picture […]