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  • Pregnant with twins: Double the trouble?

    Every pregnancy brings along bouts of immeasurable happiness, struggles, worries, and expectations and you should keep in mind that no two pregnancies are exactly the same. On top of that, expecting twins is a whole other level of special.

  • Weird and incredible facts about pregnancy

          Did you know these weird and incredible facts about pregnancy? During pregnancy, your uterus starts out the size of a small peach, then stretches to the size of a medium-sized watermelon. That’s about 500 times its normal size!  It’s common for women to experience changes in skin tone during pregnancy. It happens… více

  • Prenatal communication – communicating with your baby before birth

    To develop your baby’s brain, give him or her the feeling of safety and make strong and loving bonds between you and your baby. We’ve compiled a list of various ways in which you can do just that.  Music: Your baby can absorb all sounds around you including music. Choose wisely, your baby moight recognize… více

  • Tips for having a clever baby

    Tips for having a clever baby Constant touch There’s an easy way how to connect with your baby, to start creating a bond and soothe its neural system. You can do it by touching, massaging and gently stroking your belly. Positivity Positive thoughts will help you to stay in a good mood and calm you… více

  • Feel-good pregnancy tips

    Exercise Why is it so important to stay active during your pregnancy? Physical activity will give you a boost of energy. You’ll feel more comfortable, fresh and stress free. You also need to strengthen your muscles to prevent back problems, for easier childbirth and better body recovering after childbirth. It’s not necessary to be the… více

  • Autistic children: How to tell your child might be autistic

    Autism spectrum disorder (autism or ASD) is a developmental condition affecting the way people act, relate and interact with others while experiencing the world.

  • How to recognize symptoms of lactose intolerance?

    Can you imagine your day without milk? We can’t. Unfortunately, there is a group of people with a so-called lactose intolerant. What does it mean?