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  • The Ultimate Guide: How to Stop Breastfeeding

    If you chose to breastfeed your little one, congratulations on making it this far. But as all good things come to an end, the time to wean has arrived. Deciding to stop breastfeeding is hard, so whether it’s been days, months, weeks, or years, know that it is OK. Whether your sweet pea is 3 […]

  • How To Become a Successful Nanny?

    Taking care of children can be both fulfilling and tasking. You do not only need to take care of the parent’s expectations, but you also have to do the right thing at all times. The job of a nanny babysitter requires great dedication and selflessness.  Nannies spend more time with children than their parents. And […]

  • Top Benefits of Baby Monitor for You and Your Baby

    Technology is a gift that keeps on giving; it has made so many things easier for us. Most mothers do not consider baby monitors as compulsory baby essentials because they sound like expensive gadgets. However, when you take your time to review them, you will find that they are not that expensive. When you do […]

  • 5 Tips How To Get Toddler To Sleep in Own Bed

    If you’re a parent wondering how to get toddler to sleep in own bed after co-sleeping, this article is for you.  Whether you’re low on bed space or just want some private time alone with your partner again, transitioning your child to their own bed may seem like a daunting task – but with the […]

  • 8 Key Tips for First-Time Dads

    Are you becoming a father for the first time? Having a baby is an exciting and potentially terrifying experience for any first-time dad. If this is your first time being a dad, we’ve compiled a list of 8 tips for first-time dads to calm any potential fears. 1. It’s Okay if You Don’t Know What […]

  • More That 4 Benefits of Baby Sleep Tracker

    One night, your baby might sleep like an angel. The next night, bedtime might feel like pulling teeth. If you’re feeling frustrated because your baby isn’t sleeping enough or as long as recommended, there’s a simple solution for you: a baby sleep tracker. Baby monitor apps are all the rage. Millions of parents now use […]

  • Why Annie Is One of the Best Baby Monitor Apps for Dads

    Parents of small children find a baby monitor app to be an essential tool. After all, it’s simply not possible to keep an eye on your baby 24/7. Having a device that allows you to see, hear and calm your baby when you are not in the room with them is a precious gift. Let’s […]