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  • Newborn Necessities for Winter: Baby Winter Clothes

    Snow, ice, sparkling lights, hot cocoa and cute, cozy onesies, winter is a magical time especially with a newborn, but it can be stressful for new parents. When the whole country wraps into the white blanket, it warms our hearts, but our fingers often freeze. I suppose that you wondering if your baby is already […]

  • 7 Baby Food Recipes for Winter

    Since seasonal eating is important to everyone when it comes to feeding babies. This Baby Food Recipes for Winter takes the best of winter produce and combines it into delicious baby food that your baby will love to eat! What are the seasonal produce in Winter? Apples Avocados Bananas Beets Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Celery […]

  • Baby Winter Guide: The first winter with a baby

    As far as the eye sees, the blankets of white snow and crystal icicles hanging from the roofs of houses can be seen. Fireplaces glowing red fire, blankets, and hot chocolate. Winter is here. As beautiful as a walk through this winter wonderland, snow and freezing temperatures can be, it also causes problems for children. […]

  • Babynahrung Aufbewahrung

    Der Bedeutung gesunder Ernährung für Babys und Kleinkinder sind sich Eltern heutzutage bewusst. Da sich gerade in vorgefertigter Babynahrung, wie zum Beispiel dem Brei aus dem Glas oder Ähnlichem, meist aber viel Fett und Zucker befindet – Stoffe, die nur in Maßen zugenommen werden sollten –, bereiten viele Eltern die Mahlzeiten für ihre Kleinsten selbst […]

  • How to Get a Toddler to Sleep Without a Pacifier

    At the start of your toddler’s life, the pacifier plays an important role. It allows your baby to soothe themselves, so they can get to sleep. But by the time they are toddlers, it might be time to think about getting rid of the pacifier. This can be a challenge, as your child has come […]

  • Baby’s Development – 9th Month

    << Back to 8th Month Go to 10th Month >> In the 9th month of life, the baby is becoming more playful and exploratory. That’s why baby turns more and more often on his stomach and back on his back. The position on the tummy restricts the baby when playing and exploring the world around it. Likewise, for many […]

  • Hotel Annie Baby Monitor Program – How to set ANNIE

    During the holidays, parenthood is more challenging than ever. Treat yourself to a holiday, or at least a weekend in a hotel, where you can spend an evening in the wellness center in complete peace because you will see your sleeping kids on the phone screen. On the phone screen?! Yes, on the phone screen. […]