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  • 101 NATURE Baby Names

    Baby names with a compelling meaning are becoming ever so popular. Some of the most interesting ones can be nature inspired baby names. A very strong boy’s name can be inspired by an animal such as Hawke or by a natural phenomenon like Caynon. Your little girl can be named after a beautiful flower such as Jasmine or… více

  • 25 IDEAS for Your Newborn Family Photos

    It’s photoshoot time. Your precious baby has finally arrived. Those long months of back pain have been worth it. And now it is time to introduce the newest addition to the family to the whole world. These 25 newborn family photos will provide you with the inspiration you need. They are separated into 4 categories:… více

  • The COMPLETE GUIDE to Baby Teething: What to expect?

    It is the nightmare every new parent fears. The time when your precious little angel suddenly transforms into a rabid chipmunk. Just when you thought your baby finally started sleeping through the night. Teething is here!      Jump to: When do babies start teething A chart of baby teething Common teething symptoms Baby teething… více

  • 7 Useful HACKS to Keeping Baby Cool in Summer

    Summer is coming. If you have a newborn you are probably worried about the heat and how it could affect your baby. Newborns can’t regulate their core temperatures as well as older kids and adults. They cannot sweat, which is how the body of an adult cools itself. Also, their skin is fresh and will… více

  • 1920s Names: 30 Vintage Baby Girl Names

    It is said baby names come back every 100 years. Once very popular names stop being used for a few decades only to come back in style with a fresh coat of paint of vintage glamour. This cycle takes around 100 years, enough for a few generations to pass. Just think about the names in… více

  • 6 Baby Food AVOCADO Recipes

    Avocado is a great fruit (yes, it is a fruit) to introduce to your baby in the 1st or 2nd stage. Its creamy consistency will make it super easy to prep. Plus it has so many healthy nutrients making it one of the healthiest fruits and a great choice for your baby. Learn how to… více

  • 10 Amazing Gift Ideas for New Dad

    What are the top 10 things that make the perfect gift for a new father? All of these are very practical gifts that any man but especially a new dad would appreciate. Do you want to know what type of gift should you buy for this year’s Father’s Day? Continue reading and you will find… více